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Betwixt and Between

This installation explores human experiences within transitional spaces between different states of being. It embodies the concept of "betwixt and between," where individuals find themselves in ambiguous states. Crafted from nearly a hundred repurposed coffee sacks from developing nations, it forms a cocoon-like structure in the gallery, symbolizing transformation. Stepping inside reshapes perception. Interior and exterior boundaries blur, mirroring human navigation of life's ambiguities.
Softly lit, it lures viewers into an enigmatic interior. The transition from outside to inside brings an atmospheric shift. Inside, an ethereal dreamscape is recreated, evoking "in-between" feelings. Dim lighting casts soft, diffused light, while delicate suspended strands distort time and space perception. The scent of burlap and green coffee beans merges with earthy notes, creating an olfactory journey. The burlap's texture invites tactile exploration, symbolizing interconnected human experiences.

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