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Diversity. 2022

I am a Colombian artist residing in the US. Colombia is a country with diversity, but it was in the United States that I became so much aware of my identity and the diversity that makes this country unique. I became aware of all the greatness this brings to society but also of the challenges and the many things we still need to learn and explore about each other. My motto is Human = One Race, but reality tells us differently. With this series, I explore the emotions and the feeling of diversity from a subjective point of view. How alien I felt when I first stepped into a University environment in the MFA program (many reasons, personal reasons: being a woman, middle-aged woman, Hispanic with lack of understanding of today's social culture and diversity) . And it made me think back in 2001 when I immigrated to the US and was literary treated and called by an Alien number instead of by my name. It has been over 20 years and sometimes I still feel alienated. 

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