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Layers. 2021

In the Spring of 2021, after my practice had been focused only on painting, I felt compelled to push beyond the confines of the two-dimensional surface and transform it into a three-dimensional realm. Like Ferreria Gullar, who described the Non-Object of the neo-concrete movement in Brazil, particularly the work of Lygia Clark, I sought to create something that was not quite a painting nor a sculpture. This is what Layers represented for me; a transition between painting and sculpture. I refer to this series as my Relief Objects because they enact the layering process that happens to an image's surface and transforms it into an object. This process allowed me to convey transparency, depth, and movement in a new and exciting way.

Simultaneously, I contemplate the layers we add to our lives as time passes, just like a painting gathers paint. Layers are added as we face the world, and our experiences shape our being. This series reflects on this, and I hope to evoke a sense of depth and complexity that mirrors the layers of our lives.

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