Zulma Vega

From Bogota, Colombia

Lives & works in Houston, TX


Zulma Vega is a Colombian visual artist who has made Houston her home since 2012. Her studio work spans painting, sculpture and ceramics. Her multidisciplinary practice seeks to interpret human beings while experimenting with different media.

Her paintings express situations or people that have marked her life, the strongest changes. She gets inspired by family images that remind her of those moments. She seeks to understand our passive or active reaction to life, our changes. She paints what she understands, what she feels. Her ultimate goal: to have a personal transformation that allows her to achieve to be present, "learning that life is not about getting to feel good but getting good at feeling", to be connected to the universe and to leave a positive mark in the world. Painting is her form of expression, but as she grows as an artist, she is constantly searching for different results, experimenting with new techniques and new content. A work that reflects what she is, a person in constant growth and change.

Grants & Awards 


Houston Symphony 

Selected Artwork for Beethoven 6th &7th Symphony Concerto.



Glassell School of Art


Exhibitions & Festivals


November 1st - December 1st 2019


The Glassell School of Art. Museum of Fine Arts Houston

Levant Foundation Gallery, 1st Floor

November 1st - November 30th 2019

Seeing Ourselves: Visual and Verbal Self-Portraits and Selfies.

Orton Gallery, 3rd Floor

September 28th 2019

Just INK

The Hardy & Nance Studios

August 3rd-October 12th 2019

Come Together

Winter Street Studios

Houston, TX

March 24th - May 19th, 2019

Color Outside the Lines: Latino Art Now

George Memorial Library

Richmond, TX

March 22nd - April 28th 2019

Diversity & Richness.

Silver Street Studios

Houston, TX

November,  December 2018

VAA 36th Juried Membership Exhibition

Silver Street Studios. 

Houston, TX

October, 2018

Group Exhibition

Institute of Hispanic Culture

Houston, TX

March, 2017

Group Exhibition

Jones Hall For the Performing Arts

Houston Symphony

Houston, TX

March-June 2017

Group Exhibition

Kinder Morgan

Houston, TX

June 2014, June 2015

Group Exhibition

Glassell School of Art

Houston, TX




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